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Adrian is an accomplished and versatile composer and has studied in composition, piano and voice. He is the winner of the prestigious Helgaard Steyn Prize, the youngest recipient of the prize and one of only 5 composers to win the prize since its inception in 1987 -thus making Adrian one of South Africa's leading composers. He has also lectured in orchestration, theory, composition and the history of music at the University of Cape Town. 

Hailing from Virginia, a small town in the Free State, Adrian has had his music played in four continents and composed music for an award-winning short film. He has sung for Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and accompanied Pretty Yende. 

He has a Master's in composition from the Royal College of Music(London) and continues to write music on a daily basis for film, television, stage and the concert hall. He has written a piano concerto which was premiered in Cape Town's City Hall, and an operetta, Anti-Laius, which was performed in the Artscape Theatre for several evenings to a standing ovation. 

Adrian currently teaches, runs a choir, and composes as a free-lancer. He performs as a pianist and singer and is available in all these capacities.

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